10 thoughts on “Student Question

  1. I feel that if every one that tries to be a good digital citizens most of us would feel safe, happy and loved. And the world would be a much better place.

  2. if we post silly thing while you are having an argument with someone,you may say something that was a select,or say so something that wasn’t true,you will be the one that doesn’t get affected but the person you say it to will.-Karly

  3. The thing that is important about think before we post is that it can effect someone’s life because it isn’t true it is a lie.

  4. I think we should think first because saying or posting something about someone that isn’t true or isn’t necessary can easily affect or destroy someone’s life

  5. Someone can ruin your life by posting pitchers and they can laugh at it and if you go to school and when you come in class they can laugh at you because the pitchers you post can be rude.

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