What makes a good narrative?

What makes a good ‘Narrative’?



Tommy’s revenge on Nathan!!!

One Saturday morning, Tommy awoke and jumped out of bed excitedly because there was only one thing on his mind. He was signing up for his footy team today. Tommy’s life depends on footy. His favourite team is Collingwood and his favourite player is Scott Pendulbury. Tommy’s dream was to meet Scott Pendulbury but he knew he never would. Later on Tommy’s dad yelled at the top of his voice from downstairs saying “Tommy, your breaky is ready so come down now”. Tommy, his mum, his dad and his sister all live in a huge 2 story house. As soon as Tommy had finished his breakfast he got dressed and started racing for the door because he was so excited to meet his new football club. Tommy’s new team was called the Pakistani Panthers. They’re a really good team and are usually always at the top of the ladder. When Tommy and his father arrived at the panthers training ground Tommy couldn’t believe his eyes when he got out of the car. Nathan Buckley was his coach. Tommy was so excited until he realised that his coach was really really mean. The first thing Nathan Buckley said to him was “Oh…. So your the panthers newest hey. Hmmm alrighty but you’d better be good. Now get out there with the other chipmunks and drop down and give me 20 push/sit-ups NOW”.

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