Logan’s fantastic narrative – what do you think?

There once was a dragon who stalked the streets, puffing out smoke and clattering his wings. This dragon was no ordinary dragon, it had a special ability that it could turn itself into fire!

The dragons name was Desmond and he had an ability to burn down a city with one blast of his mighty fire. He was also capable of smashing a castle with his steel tail and could knock down an army with one monstrous wing. The only fear that Desmond had was the great and powerful wizard, Bob. He could turn a dragon into a tiny little mouse. Desmond wanted revenge on Wizard Bob, for destroying their village and turning all of his friends and family into mice, but before the dragon was to destroy the wizard, he needed to think of a plan.
A few days later Desmond found another dragon, Bill, who also wanted revenge on the wizard, as he had turned all of his friends and family into mice as well. Bill and Desmond soon came up with an idea of how to destroy the Wizard Bob;
 The next day both of the dragons made their way to the wizards castle. There were guards at the front entrance, Desmond used his huge scaly feet and stepped on the guards, Wizard Bob heard the commotion and appeared, angry and as fierce as ever but when he saw that there were two dragons to deal with he knew his days were numbered!
Before the wizard had time to run, Desmond & Bill used all their mighty fire power to turn the castle into a big, billowing ash cloud, using their fire to bring it to the ground. The rest of the guards fled and ran, scared of what would happen to them!
As for Wizard Bob? Lets just say he was turned into a pile of ash, a warning to other wizards that might come one day and think they could rule the kingdom. All of the people from the village who were turned into mice, suddenly became human again because Bob was no longer a wizard!

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