How does this quote make you feel?

What does it mean?

How can we use it to improve the choices we make?



  1. Hi Mr.M I am in Singapore, it’s warm and busy but for my sister and I it’s a bit boring because we haven’t started school yet. The school is called the Overseas Family School, it is actually quite big and only across the road from my temporary apartment, but we are still looking for a permanent apartment.
    Anyway enough about me how about you, how are you going? When’s does your school holidays start, because we have already started our school holidays and unfortunately we only get 1 week off. What’s your next unit of inquiry and what’s it about?
    Also I start school on April 1st and I have already bought my uniform (well actually my parents bought my uniform). It’s funny because our school has 4 different coloured tee-shirts (yellow, blue, red and white. It also has tee-shirt and shorts dedicated to sport).
    I hope you have a great year and spend the rest of it wisely!
    From Olivia!

  2. Hi Alec, Singapore is warm and the other day I went home early because I think I got over exhausted, I was really hot. My school is great and we do most of our math in our 5B books. A 5B math is like a math activity book. On the subject of math we’re learning about the angles in a triangle, angles on a straight line, angles and BODMAS. Any way, yes I do have a pool in my apartment, but I’m only aloud in on Friday and the weekend, because it makes us really tired after school. I have a lot of friends now and I’ve been to ones house and been invited to ones farewell party. Singapore is also quite fun, because we have sport twice a week and languages four times a week, I’m doing Spanish. I’m also in the athletics team, we train on Monday and Wednesday but this week I think we train an extra day because we have a championship coming up.

  3. Hi Olivia, how are you we are fine is it nice and warm up there, it’s winter down here now. We all hope your having a wonderful time up in Singapore we wish you all the best, can’t wait till you come back cause we all miss you very much bye!!!!!!

  4. Hi Olivia,

    It is fantastic to read that you have settled in nicely. We hope that you are making lots of friends and are enjoying the new school environment. We all hope that you and the family are well and have adapted to the warmer climate. It is great to read all the new and exciting things that you have been doing.

    Regards, Mr M

  5. Thank you for replying to my comment I do miss you guys too. And I would like to FaceTime you one day maybe in the morning. Singapore is 2 hours behind Australia and I could FaceTime you before school. Because we are 2 hours behind I can FaceTime at 7:30 in the morning before school and then it will be 9:30 in Australia so it’s actually better if you FaceTime me in the morning.
    I hope to see you and talk to you soon,
    From Olivia

  6. Hi Olivia, it has been winter down here and I hope it is warm in Singapore everyday. How is school going did you start swimming class at school this semester.

    From Sarah

    Ps FaceTime me

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