Homework week 3

Where are they from?

Where do they live now?

Why do they live where they do?


13 thoughts on “Homework week 3

  1. They live inner city in a really big house in Melbourne.

    They all live apart from each other because, they all have there own families. They all live in different suburbs some may be over seas.

    Some live where they do because they have work and they want to live near it. Some of them live where they do they got married they both like the street.

  2. I think they are from England and they probably live apart because they look like the children are from different parents but they are all one big family.

  3. They look English And they are at the airport waiting to come to Australia. They now live in Australia because there are more opportunities. More work and better life style.

  4. 1) They seem to be from England. (Last two letters on the first wagon of the train)

    2) Some may be still living there, but some of them might have moved overseas, or other locations in England/Great Britain for better opportunities.

    3) They live where they now do, because that was a place where they were able to afford housing, because their jobs took them there, because they wanted a better life for their family, because the climate is more agreeable, because others who lived there before them, recommended it to them and convinced them to move. Because they wanted to leave bad memories behind and start anew. Better schooling opportunities for the children.

  5. 1.They look very much English to me by the clothing and hair.
    2.They now live in Australia
    3.I think they moved here to be with there family

  6. They are English and live in Queensland in a big house and they live in Australia because they like the different lifestyles and jobs.

  7. I think they are from England
    I think they live in Australia now
    Because there are more places and opportunities. And there work

  8. I think they are from Europe, because they look like they are sitting on suitcases in front of a train. I think that they have migrated to Australia, they could be going to their new town in the country. They could be living in the country because of the large family and they need the space.

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