Estimation and Rounding

lesson 3: w/g

learning intention: to be able to recognise the usefulness of estimation and rounding to check calculations.

tuning in: 

Google Earth – Find Australia

Compare and discuss the size of Victoria.

challenge: to use rounding as a strategy when estimating.


-Open up Gmail and find ‘Estimation and Rounding challenge’. Open in ‘Numbers’ App

– estimate the population of Victoria

– find the population of Victoria

– now round the actual population.

– estimate the population of each other State and Territory using the data on Victoria to help

– estimate the population of Australia using the data gained

– find out the actual population for each state and territory

– round each

– find the actual population of Australia and then round in box

Answer in your maths books:

1. Did I use rounding to help with my estimation? If yes, what did I round to?

2. Did rounding help me to estimate close to the actual population? 

3. How could I use rounding and estimation in the future?


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