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  1. I discovered that if you travel through a new and different galaxie the universe would start all over again. So it’s like a world cycle.

  2. A galaxy is a collection of gas, dust, and millions or even billions of stars, which is held together by gravity. A good way to think of a galaxy is an island of matter in the vast emptiness of outer space. Galaxies are huge. Some are more than 100,000 light years across. Our solar system, which includes the sun, Earth and all the other planets in orbit around the sun, is located in a galaxy called the Milky Way. The Milky Way contains hundreds of billions of other stars beside the sun, as well as huge clouds of dust and gas.
    On a dark night, distant parts of the Milky Way can be seen from Earth. The individual stars in some regions are too far away to be seen unaided. But the light stars give off can be seen as a white haze that looks like spilled milk. The Milky Way is in the shape of a spiral. Spiral galaxies look like disks, with a bulge in the centre and “arms” that swirl outward in a spiral, or coiled, shape. If you were standing directly above the Milky Way looking down at it, then it would look like a pinwheel.

  3. The Milky Way galaxy, which we belong to, and our closest neighbor galaxy, the Andromeda are destined to come together.
    Not to worry though. This collision should not occur or 4 billion years! And, another reason not to worry, the Earth and solar system are in no danger of being destroyed.
    The two galaxies are currently 2.5 million light-years away from each other. The mutual pull of gravity between the two galaxies is making the Andromeda galaxy fall toward the Milky Way galaxy.
    Check out the video of a computer simulation of this collision by clicking here.
    NASA astronomers announced this finding on the last day of May. Yet another great finding by the Hubble telescope!

  4. The Juno took off on the 5 of August and it will arrive at Jupiter to measure the gravity and magnetic field. I think it will have a monitor and when it is being pulled down to the planet the monitor will calculate numbers to see how stron the gravity is and the same for magnetic fields of Jupiter. It will not arrive at Jupiter until 2016 5 years it will take.

  5. We found interesting that there were over 100 billion galaxies in the universe with millions of stars on each galaxy.

    Something valuable that we found was the human mind is used to help us in day to day life.

  6. A nuetron star is the left over core from a super nova explosion with its mas packed tight. It is nearly imposible to land on a nuetron star but mas isn’t everything when it comes to finding out what’s the biggest star. The universe is also filled with tight unimaginable space.

  7. I discovered that there are over 3,350 comets in our solar system and I also found out that astronomers believe there may be as many as 42 dwarf planets in our solar system

  8. Neil Armstrongs footprints are still on the moon and will stay there forever and will still be there after humanity.

  9. There are different solar systems but our solar system has the earth which is in the inner solar system so that is what heats up our planet the most because its the closest.

  10. I discovered that according to the Big Bang theory, between 10 million to 20 million years ago, the universe began from a cosmic explosion at a single point. I also discovered that the Big Bang theory started our universe.

  11. Everything is made out of matter but their is an opposite of matter it is called anti matter so say that I had a clone made of anti matter he would have the same everything but he would be made of anti matter. So imagine I went to give him a handshake but the second I touch him we would be blown to smytharines in a atomic explosion.

  12. @ethan I found your comment really interesting because I didn’t know that 1,000.000 earths can fit into the sun.

  13. I reckon Max has a done a great job with all the effort he’s put into his work and that he’s being committed to the new inquiry

  14. If you we’re to travel at the speed of light, then it would take 100,000 years to get from one side of the galaxy to the other!

  15. I learnt that the core of the sun (center of the sun) is at least 15,000,000 C and the photosphere is the part of the sun that provides the light for us and that is at least 6,000 C. The last layer (the outside layer) is called the corona it goes up to 1,000,000 C. And it can only be soon during a solar eclipse.

  16. The sun is constantly shooting out beams and these are called solar wind, these are particles that constantly are shot to the earth. The solar wind doesn’t always do us good, sometimes it causes power outages and other things. But how do we protect earth from these things? Well, earth has a force field called magnetam.

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